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New to CrossFit
Step One
Sign up below to schedule a No Sweat Intro. The Free Intro is one and half hour session with one of our Certified Coaches. This is our first opportunity to understand what your fitness goals are, where you are healthwise and to discuss a plan to make progress toward your goals. We will process you through a Body Composition Analysis and a basic movement/fitness assessment workout to give us an idea where you are on your fitness level.  After this is complete, we can discuss a plan that may include a Nutrition, Personal Training, and/or Group Training.
Step Two
After you decide how we move forward, we will assist you on the purchase of the tools to support your goals. Then we will set your schedule with a coach and make sure you are part of our family.
Experienced CrossFitter
Step One
If you a have trained at a CrossFit Affiliate previously and looking to join CrossFit 253 sign up below to get started with a free class!

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