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Why We Compete


Why We Compete

Here we are in January 2019, but we are in the midst of a New Year, New You Campaign and then we are looking forward to a great year. In February, we will embark on the Crossfit Open Games an epic event that the whole world of Crossfit takes part in.

In the daily order, we look to the Whiteboard or Sugarwod to see how we did. Not in a negative or ugly way, but in a positive and driving way. This pushes us to work hard, do better, get further, lift more, and move faster. This brings us to a real question, “Why do we Compete?”

…, no doubt about it! Just think of sports, school, politics, business, economics, lawns, landscapes, clothes, races to space and the moon etc… Apparently, competition is deeply rooted in our DNA. Or, as one social scientist recently wrote, “Competition is one of the most basic functions of nature…” Those best able to compete within an environmental niche survives. Those least well adapted die out.” We have all heard the phrase “Survival of the Fittest”. “…Competition remains a powerful instinctual drive in human nature. We compete for resources in the forms of food, jobs, living quarters and general status in society. We compete against each other, we compete against ourselves, and we compete as groups against other groups.” No chance at all of evading this instinct, it seems. So, what about Crossfit and Competitions.

Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman says the bringing in of the Whiteboard is what brings the competition out of the Crossfitters in class; if you have been to a class then you get it. Although we have to meter/govern this with sensible “Leave the Ego at the Door”, it does get our folks working harder. Some would say that the energy created by being accountable and open for all to see pushes the competitive juices in all of us; even when we say it doesn’t.

With all that said, let’s get back to “Why We Compete” at Crossfit, at competitions, and in the Open Games. Specifically, it gives us a benchmark. How else do you know if you got fitter? Every day you show up to the Box and put your time in, coaches put it on the whiteboard and, hopefully, you put it in Sugarwod to share and track with your fellow Fitters. Although we do constantly varied, functional movement, at high intensity we do repeat workouts intermittently to test ourselves and our past workout history. We go to local and distant competitions to test ourselves against others who have done the same at their box. Finally, Crossfitters around the world do the Open Games to test themselves against all walks and levels around the world; how cool is that?

YES! Competition is for everyone. The Open Games are for everyone. This is open to your friends and family (there are many scales available for all). The cost is $20 to Crossfit national to track your score plus applicable taxes, but we add the extra Saturday at CF 253 to test that out at no extra cost to our members. So, sign-up, show-up, and let’s get Competitive; and sweaty…well, sweat happens!